Save energy and keep warm

With winter just around the corner and energy prices sky high keeping warm this winter may be a challenge. With some simple tips you can reduce the amount of energy your consume and also keep nice and warm.

1. Get  your loft insulated
Loft insulation isn't that expensive and can be laid yourself. Insulation like Space Blanket is easy to install and goes down without a mess. In general about 40% of your homes heat will be loft through your loft, since heat rises. You should also remember to put down some insulation strips on the loft hatch, as any draft can lead to massive amounts of heat loss.

2. Get your walls insulated
Cavity wall insulation can vastly reduce the amount of heat you lose from external walls. In most cases it actually makes a bigger difference than loft insulation. As a general rule it can be installed in most houses built from the 1930 (older houses tend to have solid walls instead of cavity ones).

3. Change your energy provider
If you are not on a fixed tariff, consider shopping around for a better deal. Also remember to always provide your provider with meter readings, dont rely on estimated bills as this could leave you with a large bill to pay off at the end of the year (sometimes several hundreds of pounds).

4.Hang curtains
Curtains are great at trapping in the heat. Heavy ones work best, but even light curtains will make a big difference. Make sure that they are tucked behind any radiators

5. Cover wooden floors
Wooden floors look great, but in the winter they can let lots of drafts in. Covering them with a rug will make the room much more cosy. Also, there are a number of products that can help seal the gaps.

6. Find and seal drafts
Check doors and windows for any drafts, then seal them using a movable draft excluder, or a silicon or foam gel. A medium draft can suck the heat from a house in about two hours.

7. Wrap up!
Yes, even when home! Wearing a jumper or socks can make a huge difference, so wrap up. Putting fleeces or blankets on the sofa will also let you snuggle and keep warm.

8. Get in bed
Consider getting a feather bed, or even put a duvet under your bed sheet. This will create a sandwich of heat and keep you warm through out the night.

9. Finally...
while saving money and energy is important, remember to draw a line. Keeping your house too cold can result in problems such as damp and mold, and can result in health problems for you. Be sensible.

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